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The Sting: The long-con of 0.999… = 1

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Jan 092016
The Sting: The long-con of 0.999... = 1

About the sting A ‘sting’ is a deceptive operation designed to catch people out. For those of us who do not accept 0.999… =1, it can feel as if members of the mathematics establishment have conspired to perform a sting operation on the rest of the world. This 0.9 recurring sting is an elaborate mathematical con […]

ASTOUNDING: The true meaning of -1/12

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Dec 082015
ASTOUNDING: The true meaning of -1/12

Get ready to be astounded In early 2014, a YouTube video about mathematics went viral and soon had over 1 million views. Using simple mathematics, it claimed to prove that if you add up all the natural numbers, 1+2+3+4+…, all the way to infinity, the answer is -1/12. It seemed like an ‘astounding’ result because you […]

Oct 212014
Mainstream mathematics is based on a belief in the supernatural

At the very foundation of modern mathematics you will find a belief in a mysterious realm that lies outside this physical world. Inside this realm all numbers from all number systems inherently exist. This abstract world has always existed and always will. And without this imagined place it is claimed we would not even be […]

Oct 132014
Infinity and infinite sets: the root of the problem

Is infinity a valid mathematical concept? It is inconceivable that infinity might not be a valid mathematical concept. It is used extensively throughout almost all braches of mathematics. Top mathematicians have accepted and used the concept for hundreds of years. Calculus would not exist without it. The very foundation for modern mathematics is the axiomatic […]